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9.8.3 Removing the Front Cover

9.8.3 Removing the Front Cover
Remove the front cover before starting maintenance work for the following FRUs, which are accessed from the front of the chassis:
  1. FANU
  3. HDD/SSD
  5. OPNL
  7. BPU
  8. PSUBP
  1. Release the slide locks on the left and right sides of the front cover (1 in Figure 9-11). Tilt back the top of the front cover (2 in Figure 9-11), and pull out the front cover to remove it (3 in Figure 9-11).
Figure 9-11  Removing the Front Cover
Figure 9-11  Removing the Front Cover
Note - If it is difficult to pull out the front cover at 3 in Figure 9-11, pull out the right side (1 in Figure 9-12) first and then the left side (2 in Figure 9-12) to remove it.
Figure 9-12  Removing the Front Cover (Note)
Figure 9-12  Removing the Front Cover (Note)