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20.3 Removing an XBU

20.3 Removing an XBU
This section describes the procedure for removing an XBU.
  1. Place the server in the cold state.
    For details on handling power cords, see "9.8.2 Removing the Power Cords."
Figure 20-2  Removing a Power Cord
Figure 20-2  Removing a Power Cord
  1. Remove the crossbar cables.
    Remove all the crossbar cables from the XBU to be replaced. For the procedure for removing the crossbar cables, see "19.3 Removing the Crossbar Cable."
Figure 20-3  Removing the Crossbar Cable
Figure 20-3  Removing the Crossbar Cable
  1. Loosen the fixing screws of the XBU.
    Loosen the two fixing screws of the XBU to release the removal levers.
Figure 20-4  Fixing Screws of the XBU
Figure 20-4  Fixing Screws of the XBU
  1. Open the removal levers of the XBU.
    Open the removal levers of the XBU, and disconnect the connector from the CPU memory unit.
Figure 20-5  Opening the Removal Levers of the XBU
Figure 20-5  Opening the Removal Levers of the XBU
  1. Remove the XBU.
    Hold the top and bottom of the XBU with both hands, and remove the unit from the server carefully to avoid mechanical shock.
Figure 20-6  Removing the XBU
Figure 20-6  Removing the XBU
Note - If the cable support is used, remove the XBU with the cable support lowered.
Note - Place the removed XBU on the ESD mat to ground any static electricity.