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18.4.3 Removing the PSUBP From the BPU

18.4.3 Removing the PSUBP From the BPU
This section describes the procedure for removing the PSUBP from the BPU.
Note - The system shown in the illustrations provided herein is the SPARC M12-2S. Unless otherwise noted, the locations of the fixing screws and other details are common to the SPARC M12-2.
  1. Remove the connector cover.
    To remove the connector cover, loosen the fixing screw of the connector cover (A in Figure 18-14) on the left side of the BPU and slide the connector cover toward you.
Figure 18-14  Removing the Connector Cover
Figure 18-14  Removing the Connector Cover
  1. Remove the PSUBP and BPU connectors.
    There are two connectors that connect the BPU and PSUBP. First, close the latches on both sides of the connector (brown) shown in A of Figure 18-15, and remove the connector. Next, pull out the connector (black) shown in B of Figure 18-15 while pressing its latches.
Figure 18-15  Removing the Connectors
Figure 18-15  Removing the Connectors
Caution - Do not pull the cable when removing a connector. The cable may break.
  1. Remove the PSUBP.
  1. a. Remove the three fixing screws. Store the removed fixing screws in a safe place.
  1. b. Keeping the PSUBP horizontal, lift it straight up until the positioning pin of the BPU is out of the positioning hole of the PSUBP.
  1. c. Remove the PSUBP from the BPU while taking care not to get caught on the connectors removed in step 2.
Figure 18-16  Removing the PSUBP
Figure 18-16  Removing the PSUBP
Note - When you place the removed PSUBP on the workbench, make sure that its top side faces down.