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20.4 Installing an XBU

20.4 Installing an XBU
This section describes the procedure for installing an XBU.
Caution - When installing an XBU, check the connectors on the CPU memory unit and XBU beforehand to confirm that none of the pins are bent and that all the pins are neatly arranged in lines. If the XBU is installed with a bent pin in a connector, the CPU memory unit or XBU may be damaged. When installing a unit, insert it carefully so as not to bend any pins.
  1. Install the XBU.
    Insert the XBU into the server gently to avoid mechanical shock, with the XBU removal levers open.
Figure 20-7  Inserting the XBU
Figure 20-7  Inserting the XBU
  1. Close the removal levers of the XBU.
    Close the removal levers of the XBU, and connect the connector to the CPU memory unit.
Figure 20-8  Connecting the XBU
Figure 20-8  Connecting the XBU
  1. Secure the XBU.
    Tighten the two fixing screws to secure the XBU.
Note - When installing the XBU, insert it all the way into the chassis, with its removal levers open upward and downward. If you close the removal levers before inserting the XBU, you cannot install it. The removal levers will move in the closing direction as you insert the XBU all the way into the chassis. Push the removal levers manually to close them completely.
Figure 20-9  Securing the XBU
Figure 20-9  Securing the XBU
  1. Install the crossbar cables.
    Install the crossbar cables to the XBU. For details, see "19.4 Installing the Crossbar Cable."
Note - The destination port for the XBU is described on a label affixed to the crossbar cable. Check the label first and connect the cable to the port of the XBU. For crossbar cable connection destinations, see "4.3 Connecting Crossbar Cables" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12-2S Installation Guide.
Caution - When connecting the crossbar cable, do not hold the pull-tab but hold the connector part to insert it into the port for the connection, and push in the connector part. If you hold the pull-tab when connecting the crossbar cable, it may become impossible to remove the cable from the XBU.
Caution - A loose crossbar cable connection may, on rare occasions, cause an error due to poor connection. After connecting a crossbar cable, push it in again so that it is tightly in place to prevent any improper connection. Do not hold only the cable when performing the work at this time. Otherwise, the cable may bend out of shape. For details, see step 4 in "19.4 Installing the Crossbar Cable."
  1. Place the server in the hot state.
    For details on installing the power cord on the server, see "10.1.1 Installing a Power Cord."
Figure 20-10  Installing the Power Cord
Figure 20-10  Installing the Power Cord