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18.5.2 Installing the BPU

18.5.2 Installing the BPU
This section describes the procedure for installing the BPU.
Note - The system shown in the illustrations provided herein is the SPARC M12-2S. Unless otherwise noted, the locations of the fixing screws and other details are common to the SPARC M12-2.
  1. Install the BPU.
    Insert the BPU while aligning the guides on the both sides of its bottom to the both sides of the inside of the server.
Figure 18-21  Installing the BPU
Figure 18-21  Installing the BPU
Caution - Insert the BPU slowly into the server. If a large vibration is applied, the CMU may be damaged.
  1. Secure the BPU.
    Tighten the four fixing screws shown in Figure 18-22 to secure the BPU.
Figure 18-22  Securing the BPU
Figure 18-22  Securing the BPU