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  9. 12.4.2 Incorporating a PCIe Card Into the System

12.4.2 Incorporating a PCIe Card Into the System

12.4.2 Incorporating a PCIe Card Into the System
This section provides an overview of the procedure for incorporating a PCIe card into the system after PCIe card replacement or addition. For details, see "10.6 Incorporating the SPARC M12-2S or an I/O Device Into the PPAR" or "3.2 Operations and Commands Related to Logical Domain Configurations" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide.
  1. Incorporate the PCIe card into the physical partition.
    When incorporating the PCIe card in the active state, use PCI Hot Plug. For details, see "10.6.2 Incorporating an I/O Device Into the Physical Partition by Using the Hot Plug Function."
  2. Assign the I/O resource to a logical domain.
    Assign the I/O resource as appropriate for the I/O configuration of the logical domain used. For details, see "10.7 Incorporating I/O Resources Into a Logical Domain."
  3. Save the configuration information of the logical domain.
    If there has been any change to the I/O resources of the logical domain in such a case as when you have added or removed a PCIe card or changed the mounting location of a PCIe card, be sure to save the logical domain configuration information. For details, see "9.1.1 Saving Logical Domain Configuration Information."