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15.4.1 Installing an HDD/SSD

15.4.1 Installing an HDD/SSD
  1. Remove a filler unit.
Note - If you are replacing an HDD/SSD, this step is not necessary.
  1. To add an HDD/SSD, remove the filler unit mounted in the HDDBPU in which to install the HDD/SSD. For the removal procedure, see "15.3.2 Removing a Filler Unit."
  1. Insert the HDD/SSD into the HDDBPU.
    Install the HDD/SSD in the HDDBPU, with the removal lever open.
Figure 15-5  Inserting an HDD/SSD
Figure 15-5  Inserting an HDD/SSD
  1. Secure the HDD/SSD.
    Secure the HDD/SSD by closing the removal lever.
Figure 15-6  Securing an HDD/SSD
Figure 15-6  Securing an HDD/SSD