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14.1 Locations of the FANUs and FANBPU

14.1 Locations of the FANUs and FANBPU
A FANU consists of two cooling fans, and a FANBPU houses eight FANUs.
If one of the cooling fans fails during system operation, the redundant configuration enables the system to continue operation, and the XSCF firmware detects the failure.
Figure 14-1 shows the mounting locations of the FANUs and FANBPU.
Figure 14-1  Locations of FANUs
Figure 14-1  Locations of FANUs
Location No. Unit Slot
1 Fan unit FANU#0
2 Fan unit FANU#1
3 Fan unit FANU#2
4 Fan unit FANU#3
5 Fan unit FANU#4
6 Fan unit FANU#5
7 Fan unit FANU#6
8 Fan unit FANU#7
9 Fan backplane unit FANBPU