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18.1 Maintenance Precautions

18.1 Maintenance Precautions
This section describes precautions for maintenance on the BPU and the PSUBP.
  1. Do not replace the PSUBP and the XSCFU at the same time. If the PSUBP and the XSCFU are replaced at the same time, the system may fail to operate normally. When you need to replace the PSUBP and XSCFU, replace one of the units first. Then, after the XSCF firmware starts up, power it off again and replace the other unit.
  2. Do not mount and use any of the following PSUBP in another chassis:
    - the one currently mounted in the SPARC M12-2/M12-2S, or

    - one that was once used as a maintenance part

    This is because the above PSUBP stores device identification information.
  3. Before removing the BPU, remove the XSCFU, PCICS, PSU, FAN, FANBPU, HDDBPU, CMU, XBU, XSCF DUAL control cable, and XSCF BB control cable from the BPU.