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14.4.1 Installing the FANBPU

14.4.1 Installing the FANBPU
Install the FANBPU when the server is in the cold state.
Note - If you are replacing only a FANU, this step is not necessary.
  1. Insert the FANBPU into the server.
    Align the bottom left and right corners of the FANBPU with its slot inside the server, and insert the FANBPU along the slot.
Note - Make sure that the FANBPU has no FANUs in it when you insert it into the server.
Figure 14-6  Installing the FANBPU
Figure 14-6  Installing the FANBPU
  1. Secure the FANBPU.
    Tighten the three fixing screws to secure the FANBPU.
Figure 14-7  Securing the FANBPU
Figure 14-7  Securing the FANBPU
Caution - When tightening the fixing screws, work carefully with the screwdriver so as not to damage the PCIe cables, radiator cores (heat exchanging parts), and board substrates inside.