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14.3.1 Removing a FANU

14.3.1 Removing a FANU
This section describes the procedure for removing a FANU.
  1. Remove the front cover.
    For the procedure for removing the front cover, see "9.8.3 Removing the Front Cover."
Note - The serial number of the server is printed on a label affixed on the front cover. Store this cover such that it is not mixed up with the front covers of other SPARC M12 units.
  1. Pull up the latch of the FANU.
    Pinch the latch of the FANU (A in Figure 14-2) and pull it up.
Figure 14-2  Latch of the FANU
Figure 14-2  Latch of the FANU
  1. Remove the FANU.
    Hold the latch of the FANU, and pull out the FANU from the FANBPU.
Figure 14-3  Removing a FANU
Figure 14-3  Removing a FANU