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9.2.3 Checking the Usage of the HDD/SSD

9.2.3 Checking the Usage of the HDD/SSD
To check the usage of the HDD/SSD, log in to Oracle Solaris.
This section describes how to check the configuration information for both the ZFS mirror volumes and the RAID volumes using the hardware RAID function of the SPARC M12 server.
For details on the commands for checking the ZFS volumes, see the document concerning ZFS file system management applicable to your Oracle Solaris version. To check the hardware RAID volume, use the sas2ircu command of the SAS2IRCU utility. For details on how to obtain the SAS2IRCU utility and the user guide, see "Obtaining SAS-2 Integrated RAID Configuration Utility" in the latest version of the Fujitsu SPARC M12 Product Notes.
Checking ZFS mirror volumes
The following example shows a mirrored ZFS volume.
 # zpool status
  pool: rpool
 state: ONLINE
  scan: resilvered 203G in 29m13s with 0 errors on Fri Jan 1 09:00:00 2016

           NAME                        STATE   READ   WRITE   CKSUM
           rpool                       ONLINE     0       0       0
            mirror-0                   ONLINE     0       0       0    (*1)
              c1t50000393D8289242d0    ONLINE     0       0       0    (*2)
              c0t500003942823FC18d0    ONLINE     0       0       0    (*2)
errors: No known data errors
*1 The state and RAID level of the ZFS volume are displayed.
*2 The physical device with the ZFS volume configuration and its state are displayed.
Checking hardware RAID volumes
The following example shows a RAID volume configured by the hardware RAID function.
# ./sas2ircu 0 display
LSI Corporation SAS2 IR Configuration Utility.
Version (2013.07.19)
Copyright (c) 2009-2013 LSI Corporation. All rights reserved.

Read configuration has been initiated for controller 0

IR Volume information

IR volume 1                              (*1)

Physical device information 

Initiator at ID #0

Device is a Hard disk                    (*2)
Device is a Enclosure services device    (*3)

Enclosure information                    (*4)

Enclosure#                           : 1
Logical ID                           : 500000e0:e046ff10
Numslots                             : 8
*1 RAID volume 1 information is displayed.
*2 The displayed information is about the physical device mounted in HDD/SSD slot #0.
*3 The displayed information is about the enclosure of HDD/SSD slot #0.
*4 The displayed information is about the SPARC M12 server.