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10.1.3 Installing the Front Cover

10.1.3 Installing the Front Cover
This section describes the procedure for installing the front cover on the SPARC M12.
Install the front cover before putting the SPARC M12 into operation.
  1. Insert the tabs on the front cover into the slots on the bottom front of the chassis to install the front cover.
    A label on which a serial number is printed is affixed both at the lower front right of the front cover and on the right side of the front of the chassis. Before installing the front cover, check that the serial numbers match.
Figure 10-5  Installing the Front Cover
Figure 10-5  Installing the Front Cover
Note - Confirm that the front cover is firmly installed and secured.
Note - If it is difficult to install the front cover, insert the left tab of the front cover into the slot first (1 in Figure 10-6), and then insert the right tab (2 in Figure 10-6) to install the front cover.
Figure 10-6  Installing the Front Cover (Note)
Figure 10-6  Installing the Front Cover (Note)