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17.4.3 Removing Memory

17.4.3 Removing Memory
This section describes the procedure for removing the memory mounted in the CMU.
Unless otherwise noted, the description provided herein applies to both the CMUL and CMUU.
  1. Remove the top cover of the CMUL.
    Remove the top cover by sliding it in the direction of the arrow while pushing the latches on both sides of the CMUL (A in Figure 17-17).
    To remove memory from the CMUU, proceed to step 2.
Figure 17-17  Removing the CMUL Top Cover
Figure 17-17  Removing the CMUL Top Cover
  1. Remove memory.
    After opening the latches on both sides of the memory slot, remove the memory.
Note - To operate the system after removing memory, follow the instructions in "2.2.1 Memory Installation Rules."
Figure 17-18  Removing Memory
Figure 17-18  Removing Memory