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11.5.2 Installing an SD Card

11.5.2 Installing an SD Card
  1. Install an SD card.
    Insert the SD card in which the XSCF firmware to be used is installed into the socket of the XSCFU. Secure the SD card by pushing it until its latch locks into place.
Figure 11-9  Installing the SD Card
Figure 11-9  Installing the SD Card
Caution - Be careful not to damage the SD card connector by pushing in the SD card too hard.
  1. Install the SD card protection cover.
    Install the protection cover on the XSCFU, and secure it with the screw.
Figure 11-10  Installing the SD Card Protection Cover
Figure 11-10  Installing the SD Card Protection Cover
Note - Be sure to install the SD card protection cover. The SD card protection cover prevents the lock of the SD card from being released due to a fault in the SD card socket, which makes you unable to remove the XSCFU.