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16.3.2 Removing the HDDBPU

16.3.2 Removing the HDDBPU
This section describes the procedure for removing the HDDBPU.
  1. Loosen the three fixing screws of the HDDBPU.
Figure 16-4  Fixing Screws of the HDDBPU
Figure 16-4  Fixing Screws of the HDDBPU
Caution - When loosening the fixing screws, be careful not to damage the PCIe cables or radiator cores (heat exchanging parts) with the screwdriver, which may come into contact with these components.
  1. Remove the HDDBPU.
    Pull down the removal lever of the HDDBPU toward you, and pull out the HDDBPU while holding its handle (A in Figure 16-5).
Note - When pulling out the HDDBPU, put your hand under it to prevent it from falling.
Figure 16-5  Removing the HDDBPU
Figure 16-5  Removing the HDDBPU