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18.4.2 Removing the BPU

18.4.2 Removing the BPU
This section describes the procedure for removing the BPU from the server.
Note - The system shown in the illustrations provided herein is the SPARC M12-2S. Unless otherwise noted, the locations of the fixing screws and other details are common to the SPARC M12-2.
  1. Enable the removal of the BPU from the server.
    Loosen the four fixing screws of the BPU.
Figure 18-12  Fixing Screws of the BPU
Figure 18-12  Fixing Screws of the BPU
  1. Remove the BPU.
    Hold the BPU by the parts indicated in A of Figure 18-13, and pull it out from the server. When you see the "HANDLING POSITON" labels on the sides of the BPU, hold the BPU by its sides and remove it from the server.
Figure 18-13  Removing the BPU
Figure 18-13  Removing the BPU
Caution - Remove the BPU slowly. Applying great shock to the server may cause the CMU to fall and be damaged.