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16.4.3 Restoring the Server

16.4.3 Restoring the Server
This section describes the procedure for restoring the server after performing maintenance on the HDDBPU or OPNL.
  1. Install the FANBPU.
    Install the FANBPU to the server. For details, see "14.4.1 Installing the FANBPU."
Figure 16-15  Securing the FANBPU
Figure 16-15  Securing the FANBPU
  1. Install the FANUs.
    Install the FANUs to the server. For details, see "14.4.2 Installing a FANU."
Figure 16-16  Installing the FANUs
Figure 16-16  Installing the FANUs
  1. Install the front cover.
    For the procedure for installing the front cover, see "10.1.3 Installing the Front Cover."
Note - The serial number of the server is printed on a label affixed on the front cover. Store this cover such that it is not mixed up with the front covers of other SPARC M12 units.
  1. Place the server in the hot state.
    Power on the server to place it in the hot state. For details on installing the power cord on the PSU, see "10.1.1 Installing a Power Cord."
Figure 16-17  Installing the Power Cord
Figure 16-17  Installing the Power Cord