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1.7 Emergency Power-Off

1.7 Emergency Power-Off
This section describes the procedure for powering off the system in an emergency.
Caution - In an emergency (such as smoke or flames coming from the SPARC M12-2/M12-2S), immediately stop using the unit and turn off the power supply. Give top priority to fire prevention, even if the system is in operation.
After removing the cable clamps from the power cords, remove the power cords from the power supply unit.
  1. Release the tab of the cable clamp (A in Figure 1-6).
Figure 1-6  Releasing a Cable Clamp
Figure 1-6  Releasing a Cable Clamp
  1. Remove the power cords from all the power supply units.
Figure 1-7  Removing a Power Cord
Figure 1-7  Removing a Power Cord