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11.5.1 Removing an SD Card

11.5.1 Removing an SD Card
  1. Remove the SD card protection cover.
    Remove the fixing screw (A in Figure 11-7) of the protection cover, and remove the cover from the XSCFU.
Figure 11-7  Removing the SD Card Protection Cover
Figure 11-7  Removing the SD Card Protection Cover
Note - Be careful not to drop the fixing screw of the protection cover onto the board. Also, store the protection cover and the fixing screw in a safe place.
  1. Remove the SD card.
    Release the lock by pressing the SD card (1 in Figure 11-8), and then remove the card from the XSCFU (2 in Figure 11-8).
Figure 11-8  Removing the SD Card
Figure 11-8  Removing the SD Card
Note - Be careful not to mix up the removed SD card with the SD card installed in the replacement part.