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K.5.1 Types of Notification

K.5.1 Types of Notification
The following are the four types of event notification to be made in connection with a CPU Activation Interim Permit.
  1. XSCF event log
    An event log that can be referenced by using the showlogs event command of the XSCF
  1. Messages of domain console (in the case of XCP 2330 or later)
    Messages that are registered in syslog and displayed on the primary domain console
  1. E-mail
    E-mail sent if the e-mail notification function of the XSCF is enabled (See "10.2 Receiving Notification by E-mail When a Failure Occurs.")
  1. SNMP trap
    An SNMP trap received if the system is monitored by the SNMP agent function of the XSCF (See "10.3 Monitoring/Managing the System Status With the SNMP Agent.")