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B.1 World Wide Name (WWN) Syntax

B.1 World Wide Name (WWN) Syntax
Oracle Solaris now uses the World Wide Name (WWN) syntax for logical device names. This section describes how to map a WWN-based device name to a given SCSI device.

As an example, a boot device is used to show the difference in notation between the former device names (tn: target ID) and WWN-based device names.
Table B-1  Difference in Notation Between Device Names
Boot Device Name Using WWN Value Former Boot Device Name (Using Target ID)
A WWN is a globally unique hexadecimal number for this device. The manufacturer assigns the number to the device.
WWN values do not conform to the structure of the former logical device names, so a target device cannot be directly identified from a c#tWWNd# value.

To map a WWN-based device name to a given physical device, use the probe-scsi-all command of OpenBoot PROM. For details, see "B.3 Identifying a Disk Slot by Using the probe-scsi-all Command."