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16.1.1 Types of Firmware to Update

16.1.1 Types of Firmware to Update
These systems have multiple pieces of firmware for controlling hardware/software. The program module that packages together that firmware is called XCP (XSCF Control Package).

Downloading the XCP firmware from our site, for example, and performing an update makes the functions of new firmware available to users.

The XCP firmware includes the following types.
  1. POST firmware, OpenBoot PROM firmware, and Hypervisor firmware (hereinafter referred to as CMU firmware)
    These three pieces of firmware are grouped as one bundle of the firmware to update on the CPU memory unit, and to manage their versions. In this manual, these three pieces of firmware are collectively called the CMU firmware.
  2. XSCF firmware
    This firmware is updated on the XSCF unit.
Users can select to update the firmware as a whole (referred to below as XCP firmware) or update only the XSCF firmware.