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8.14.5 Configuring Memory Mirroring to the CPU Chip

8.14.5 Configuring Memory Mirroring to the CPU Chip
Use the setupfru command of the XSCF firmware to configure memory mirroring.
For details on how to set memory mirror mode, see "14.1  Configuring Memory Mirroring." For details of the setupfru command, see the man page of the setupfru(8) command or the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 XSCF Reference Manual.
Use the ldm list-socket command to show the list of the resources of each CPU socket.
The following example shows that the size of the memory associated with CPU socket #4 decreases by half because memory mirror mode was set to CPU chip #0 in BB#1.
# ldm list-socket

    primary    32    16    0            /BB0
    primary    32    16    1            /BB0
    primary    32    16    2            /BB0
    primary    32    16    3            /BB0
    primary    32    16    4            /BB1
    primary    32    16    5            /BB1
    primary    32    16    6            /BB1
    primary    32    16    7            /BB1

    PA                SIZE      SOCKET_ID    BOUND
    0x700000000000    64G       7            primary
    0x720000000000    64G       6            primary
    0x740000000000    64G       5            primary
    0x760050000000    31488M    4            primary
    0x780000000000    64G       3            primary
    0x7a0000000000    64G       2            primary
    0x7c0000000000    64G       1            primary
    0x7e0080000000    62G       0            primary

    NAME      TYPE   BUS       SOCKET_ID    BOUND
    PCIE0     BUS    PCIE0     0            primary
    PCIE1     BUS    PCIE1     0            primary
    PCIE2     BUS    PCIE2     1            primary
    PCIE3     BUS    PCIE3     1            primary
    PCIE4     BUS    PCIE4     2            primary
    PCIE5     BUS    PCIE5     2            primary
    PCIE6     BUS    PCIE6     3            primary
    PCIE7     BUS    PCIE7     3            primary
    PCIE8     BUS    PCIE8     4            primary
    PCIE9     BUS    PCIE9     4            primary
    PCIE10    BUS    PCIE10    5            primary
    PCIE11    BUS    PCIE11    5            primary
    PCIE12    BUS    PCIE12    6            primary
    PCIE13    BUS    PCIE13    6            primary
    PCIE14    BUS    PCIE14    7            primary
    PCIE15    BUS    PCIE15    7            primary
Figure 8-3 shows a control domain in the physical partition that owns all the resources in the physical partition configured with two SPARC M10-4S units (BB#0 and BB#1).
Figure 8-3  CPU Cores and Memory in the Physical Partition
Figure 8-3  CPU Cores and Memory in the Physical Partition