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16.4 Preparing an XCP Image File

16.4 Preparing an XCP Image File
This section describes how to prepare an XCP image file.
  1. Log in to the XSCF.
  2. Execute the version command to check the XCP firmware version.
    The firmware cannot be updated from XCP 3xxx to XCP 4xxx or from XCP 4xxx to XCP 3xxx. Confirm that the firmware corresponds to the XCP version used.
  3. From the website, download the XCP firmware program file (XCPxxxx.tar.gz or XCPxxxx.exe) that corresponds to the XCP version used, into any folder on a PC connected to this system.
    For the XCP version, see the 4-digit number in the file name of the firmware program (tar.gz format).
    Example: The XCP version of XCP2044.tar.gz is 2044.
  4. Decompress the downloaded XCP firmware program.
    The XCP image file to import to the system is expanded.
    Example: If XCP2044.tar.gz is decompressed, BBXCP2044.tar.gz is expanded.