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5.3.4 Registering a CPU Activation Key

5.3.4 Registering a CPU Activation Key
To register a received CPU Activation key with the XSCF, use the addcodactivation command on the XSCF shell or the XSCF Web. This section describes the procedures using the XSCF shell.
You need to have a user account that has the platadm privilege to execute this command.
XSCF> addcodactivation key-signature
Specify the received CPU Activation key as key-signature. To do so, either specify USB media with the -F option or copy and paste the contents of the CPU Activation key. To specify USB media, connect it to a USB port on the XSCF unit panel (rear panel) of the master XSCF. The following command syntax shows how to specify USB media.
XSCF> addcodactivation -F file:///media/usb_msd/filename
To register all CPU Activation keys stored on the CD-ROM, specify $CONSOLIDATED_KEY_FILES for the file name.
Note - In versions earlier than XCP 2041, you cannot specify $CONSOLIDATED_KEY_FILES.
Operation Procedure
  1. Log in to the XSCF with a user account that has the platadm privilege.
    For details, see "2.2 Logging In to the XSCF Shell."
  2. Execute the addcodactivation command to register a CPU Activation key with the XSCF.
    To enter the CPU Activation key, specify the contents of the activation key when executing the addcodactivation command. Copy and paste all the contents of the Activation key, or read it from a file by specifying the -F option.
    Enter "y" for the confirmation message.
    The following example adds a CPU Activation key to the SPARC M10-1.
XSCF> addcodactivation "Product: SPARC M10-1
SequenceNumber: 1

Cpu: noExpiration 2
Text-Signature-SHA256-RSA2048: U1VOVyxTUEFSQy1FbnRlcnByaXNlAA........"
Above Key will be added, Continue?[y|n]: y
  1. Execute the showcodactivation command to confirm that the CPU Activation key was properly added to the XSCF.
    With the -r option specified, the command displays the registered CPU Activation key.
    The following example shows output results from the showcodactivation command.
XSCF> showcodactivation -r
Product: SPARC M10-1
SequenceNumber: 1
Cpu: noExpiration 2
  1. At this point in time, CPU core resources are not ready for use on Oracle Solaris.
    To make the CPU core resources ready for use, go to "5.3.5 Assigning a CPU Core Resource to a Physical Partition" to assign them to a physical partition.
  1. Execute the exit command to log out from the XSCF shell.
    If you do not have any further work with the XSCF shell, log out from the XSCF.
Note - If CPU Activation key information is corrupted because of an unexpected operation, the CPU Activation key may be required by the XSCF. Ensure that CPU Activation keys are safely stored for recovery.
Note - Adding the same CPU Activation key to multiple SPARC M12/M10 units is not allowed.