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10.2.4 E-mail Notification Setting Flow

10.2.4 E-mail Notification Setting Flow
This section describes the XSCF e-mail notification setting flow.
  1. Log in to the XSCF.
  2. Specify the host name or IP address of the SMTP server (see setsmtp(8)).
  3. Select POP or SMTP authentication (see setsmtp(8)).
  4. Specify the reply e-mail address (From specification) (see setsmtp(8)).
  5. Specify the destination e-mail address for the system administrator (see setemailreport(8)).
  6. Enable XSCF e-mail notification (see setemailreport(8)).
  7. Issue a test e-mail.
    After the e-mail settings are completed, the test e-mail is automatically issued. When the issued test e-mail arrives in the e-mails for the system administrator, the settings are complete. If the e-mail does not arrive, an error e-mail is sent to the reply e-mail address (From specification), or this event is recorded in an error log. In this case, after identifying the cause and solving the problem, repeat the procedure from step 1. The e-mail notification function is enabled when the test completes normally.