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8.11 Changing the Configuration of a Logical Domain

8.11 Changing the Configuration of a Logical Domain
For a logical domain, you can flexibly assign the mounted CPUs, memory, I/O devices, and other hardware resources in the physical partition. Moreover, the system can dynamically reconfigure CPUs and memory for the logical domain while it is running, so it can handle temporary load increases without stopping business. Since resources can be added and removed according to the domain operation status, the hardware resources in a single server can be utilized efficiently and have higher utilization.
Also, CPU core resources can be dynamically added to a logical domain through a combination of logical domain configuration changes and CPU Activations. Expansion of resources without removing resources from other domains to cope with demand is possible through the assignment of unused CPU core resources.
Oracle VM Server for SPARC is used for dynamic reconfiguration of CPUs and memory.
For the method of changing the configuration of logical domains, see "Chapter 3  Operations for Domain Configuration" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide.