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3.4 Setting Up From XSCF Web

3.4 Setting Up From XSCF Web
This section describes the flow of setup required from XSCF Web. For details of each step, see the section indicated by the title enclosed in double quotation marks.

To use XSCF Web, the HTTPS service must already be enabled in settings with the XSCF shell.
  1. Connect to the XSCF shell from any terminal capable of a serial connection.
    For details, see "2.2  Logging In to the XSCF Shell."
  2. Perform steps 2 to 11 in "3.3  Setting Up From the XSCF Shell." If you have already performed steps 2 to 11 in Section 7.2 with the XSCF shell, go to the next step in this section.
  3. Configure HTTPS.
    For details, see "3.8  Configuring the HTTPS Service for Login to the XSCF."
  4. Connect from a Web browser to the XSCF.
    Connect to XSCF Web from a PC with an installed Web browser connected to the XSCF-LAN, by specifying the host name or IP address.
  1. - Example of URL input in a Web browser (Enter the XSCF IP address <numbers>)/
https://XSCF-host-name (Note: Not the host name of the domain)/
  1. Log in to the XSCF from the XSCF Web console.
    Log in with a created user account.
  <Example of login authentication input in a Web browser>
  1. The XSCF Web browser window is called the XSCF Web console.
    For details, see "2.4  Logging In to XSCF Web."
  2. The setting items are the same as those with the XSCF shell. Configure them from the XSCF Web console in the same way as in step 12 and later in "3.3  Setting Up From the XSCF Shell."
    For details of the XSCF Web menu, see "Appendix C  List of the XSCF Web Pages." 
Note - For settings not included in the XSCF Web menu, such as the altitude setting and dual power feed, use the XSCF shell.