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10.18.1 Understanding Initialization Commands

10.18.1 Understanding Initialization Commands
The initbb and restoredefaults commands have the following roles.
  1. restoredefaults command
    This command initializes the master XSCF chassis. The command initializes both the XSCF unit setting information and its backup information, or it initializes only the XSCF unit setting information.
  2. initbb command
    This command initializes, from the master XSCF, information for a chassis other than the master chassis. The command cannot be used on systems that have one XSCF.
Note - The restoredefaults command restores the XSCF settings information and backup information to the state at factory shipment.
Note - If a CPU Activation key has not been saved and the restoredefaults command is executed, the CPU Activation key will need to be registered again.