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K.1 What is the CPU Activation Interim Permit?

K.1 What is the CPU Activation Interim Permit?
CPU Activation is a SPARC M12/M10 feature that allows you to optimize your operation.
By registering additional CPU Activation keys with your SPARC M12/M10, additional CPU cores can be added dynamically without interrupting your production workloads. This SPARC M12/M10 feature allows you to optimize your server investment.
But, the process to purchase a CPU Activation may take longer than one day, though you might need the additional CPU core resources now. The SPARC M12/M10 feature of CPU Activation Interim Permit solves this problem.
To enable a CPU Activation Interim Permit, you do not need to add a CPU Activation key. Once the CPU Activation Interim Permit is enabled, all available physical cores in the physical partition (PPAR) or the SPARC M12/M10 can be used for 30 days.
The CPU Activation Interim Permit enables you to immediately use required CPU core resources even when no additional purchased CPU Activation keys are at hand.