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15.4 Using the PCI Expansion Unit

15.4 Using the PCI Expansion Unit
This section provides an overview of the PCI expansion unit, which is an option for the SPARC M12/M10.

The PCI expansion unit is a rack-mounted device that enables expansion of up to 11 PCI-Express slots. The unit can be mounted in the same rack as the SPARC M12/M10. Suppose there is a shortage of the built-in PCI-Express slots for the SPARC M12/M10. In such cases, installing the PCI expansion unit can flexibly expand the system.

You can check the status of the PCI expansion unit and power it on/off by using the ioxadm command of the XSCF firmware. For details of the ioxadm command, see the man page of the command or the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 XSCF Reference Manual.

If you are considering the installation of the PCI expansion unit, contact a sales representative.

For details of mounting the PCI extension unit, see "Mounting the PCI expansion unit in a rack" in the Installation Guide for your server.