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3.6.13 Setting the stratum Value of the XSCF

3.6.13 Setting the stratum Value of the XSCF
To set a stratum value for the XSCF, use the setntp command with the -c stratum option specified. Any value from 1 to 15 can be specified as the stratum value. The default is 5.
  1. Execute the showntp command to display the set stratum value for the XSCF network.
XSCF> showntp -s
stratum : 5
  1. Execute the setntp command to change the stratum value.
    The following example sets 7 as the stratum value used in the XSCF network.
XSCF> setntp -c stratum -i 7
Please reset the XSCF by rebootxscf to apply the ntp settings.
  1. Execute the rebootxscf command to reboot the XSCF to reflect the settings made.
XSCF> rebootxscf -a
The XSCF will be reset. Continue? [y|n] :y
  1. The session is disconnected at this time. Reconnect with a new interface, and log in again.
  2. Execute the showntp command, and confirm the stratum value.
XSCF> showntp -s
stratum : 7