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10.17 Resetting a Physical Partition

10.17 Resetting a Physical Partition
Use the reset command of the XSCF firmware to reset the specified physical partition.
Execute the command with a user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege. Alternatively, you can also execute it with a user account that has the pparadm or pparmgr privilege for the target physical partition. 
Note - The reset command forcibly resets the specified physical partition, so it may cause the failure of a disk, etc. Use the command only for emergency purposes, such as recovery of Oracle Solaris when it hangs up.
XSCF> reset -p ppar_id por | xir
For ppar_id, specify the PPAR-ID of the physical partition to be reset. You can specify only a single integer from 0 to 15, depending on the system configuration.
To reset the physical partition itself, specify por. To reset all the CPUs in the physical partition, specify xir. 
Note - If the physical partition is reset with xir specified and Hypervisor dump enabled, a Hypervisor dump is collected, and then logical domains start in the factory-default configuration after the reset. To return to the logical domain configuration from before the physical partition reset, power off the physical partition once, and then power it on again. For details of the Hypervisor dump function, see "8.13  Collecting a Hypervisor Dump File."
If the auto boot function for the control domain as set by the setpparparam command is disabled when the reset command is executed, the processing stops before Oracle Solaris starts.
Operation Procedure
  1. Execute the reset command to reset the specified physical partition. Enter "y" for the confirmation message.
    The following example resets PPAR-ID 00.
XSCF> reset -p 0 por
PPAR-ID to reset:00 Continue? [y|n] : y
00 :Resetting

 This command only issues the instruction to reset.
 The result of the instruction can be checked by the "showpparprogress".
  1. Execute the showpparprogress command, and confirm that the specified physical partition was reset.
XSCF> showpparprogress -p 0
PPAR Power On Preprocessing PPAR#0 [ 1/12]
PPAR Power On               PPAR#0 [ 2/12]
XBBOX Reset                 PPAR#0 [ 3/12]
PSU On                      PPAR#0 [ 4/12]
CMU Reset Start             PPAR#0 [ 5/12]
XB Reset 1                  PPAR#0 [ 6/12]
XB Reset 2                  PPAR#0 [ 7/12]
XB Reset 3                  PPAR#0 [ 8/12]
CPU Reset 1                 PPAR#0 [ 9/12]
CPU Reset 2                 PPAR#0 [10/12]
Reset released              PPAR#0 [11/12]
CPU Start                   PPAR#0 [12/12]
The sequence of power control is completed.