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4.6.6 Remote Storage Software Versions

4.6.6 Remote Storage Software Versions
Table 4-3 lists the software versions that remote storage operates with. Remote storage does not operate with any version not included in Table 4-3. For detailed information on XCP, Oracle Solaris, and essential SRU/patches, see the latest Product Notes for your server.
Table 4-3  XCP, Oracle Solaris, and Essential SRU/Patches That Remote Storage Operates With
XCP Oracle Solaris
Essential SRU (*1)
Essential patch (*2)
2260 or later Oracle Solaris 11.2 or later None
  Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU 2.5 or later (*3)
  Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 None
*1 For Oracle Solaris 11
*2 For Oracle Solaris 10
*3 If remote storage is assigned as a virtual disk to a guest domain, applying this to a service domain is required.