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3.5.1 Local User Accounts Saved in the XSCF

3.5.1 Local User Accounts Saved in the XSCF
To manage an XSCF user account using the LDAP, Active Directory, or LDAP over SSL service, the XSCF user account name registered locally in the XSCF and (if specified) the user identifier (UID) must not already be in use by the XSCF, LDAP, Active Directory, or LDAP over SSL. For details of the available characters, see the adduser(8) command man page or the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 XSCF Reference Manual.
Number of User Accounts
The number of user accounts that can be specified is 100, assuming an average of 10 characters per user account. The adduser command, when executed, registers a user account with an ID, called a UID, automatically assigned. The UID is an integer equal to or greater than 100. An arbitrary number can also be specified as the UID. In this case, specify a UID in a range of 100 to 60000.
Cases of Login Authentication Failure
If login authentication fails, the XSCF user account lockout function can lock out the user account for a specific length of time. The system administrator can disable and enable the XSCF user accounts in use.