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1.6 Basics of OpenBoot PROM

1.6 Basics of OpenBoot PROM
This section provides an overview of OpenBoot PROM.

OpenBoot PROM provides the basic functions required for starting Oracle Solaris.

Under the OpenBoot PROM environment, the console screen displays an ok prompt. You can configure various functions related to starting Oracle Solaris by defining OpenBoot PROM environment variables. You can define OpenBoot PROM environment variables with either of the following commands.
  1. Execute the setenv command in the OpenBoot PROM environment (at the ok prompt).
  2. Execute the eeprom command in the Oracle Solaris environment.
Also, a number of the OpenBoot PROM environment variables can be overwritten using the setpparparam command of the XSCF firmware.
For details on the OpenBoot PROM environment variables and commands, see the OpenBoot 4.x Command Reference Manual of Oracle Corporation.
For details on the OpenBoot PROM environment variables and commands not supported by the SPARC M12/M10, see the "Appendix H OpenBoot PROM Environment Variables and Commands."