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8.13.1 Basics of Hypervisor Dump

8.13.1 Basics of Hypervisor Dump
Hypervisor may abort because of a hardware failure or software error. When Hypervisor aborts, after all the logical domains are reset, only the control domain starts in a special factory-default configuration to collect a Hypervisor dump, and Hypervisor information is saved as a dump file. This is called the Hypervisor dump function.
The collected dump file can be valuable information for diagnosing a problem that has occurred.
Note - If Hypervisor dump is enabled, a Hypervisor dump is also collected when the reset command of the XSCF firmware with xir specified is executed to reset a physical partition. For details on the physical partition reset, see "10.17  Resetting a Physical Partition."
Note - To return to the original configuration from the special factory-default configuration to collect a Hypervisor dump, you need to restart the physical partition.
A dump file with the following file name is collected in the control domain. Up to eight files can be collected.
  1. Storage directory:
  2. File name:
    x: An integer from 0 to 7 is automatically assigned.
The next section describes the commands used with the Hypervisor dump function.