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16.1.3 Mechanism of Firmware Update

16.1.3 Mechanism of Firmware Update
Figure 16-1 is a conceptual diagram showing the mechanism of firmware update.
Figure 16-1  Concept of Firmware Update
Figure 16-1  Concept of Firmware Update
1 XCP import
2 Update
The following two operations (XCP import and update) provide firmware updates for these systems.
  1. XCP import (download)
    Saving a decompressed XCP image file obtained from a website, for example, to any of these systems is called "XCP import." When XCP is just imported, the firmware in operation is not yet updated.
  2. Update
    Writing the image file of the imported XCP to the flash memory in any of these systems is called "update." Updates of the XSCF firmware and the CMU firmware when the power is off are completed in this update.
Note - To complete the CMU firmware update on the target physical partitions that are powered on, power off and on the physical partitions.
In the SPARC M10-1/M10-4/M10-4S, the flash memory with the written firmware has two areas: Current bank and Reserve bank. Update of firmware is controlled with these two banks. With CMU firmware, the firmware update is controlled by using only the current bank.
Note - With the CMU firmware on the SPARC M10 system, the reserve bank is also displayed. With the CMU firmware, where control is handled only by the current bank, there is no problem with an outdated version of the reserve bank.