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3.7.3 Setting an SSH Service Host Key

3.7.3 Setting an SSH Service Host Key
To enable and start using the SSH service, first generate a host key.
When using the SSH service through an XSCF-LAN connection, make a note of the fingerprint. Copy the text data of the generated host public key to a file in a given directory on the client.
  1. Execute the showssh command to display the host key and fingerprint.
    A host key is generated when enabling the SSH service for the first time.
XSCF> showssh
SSH status: enabled
RSA key:
1024 e4:35:6a:45:b4:f7:e8:ce:b0:b9:82:80:2e:73:33:c4
  1. Execute the setssh command to generate a host key.
    In the following example, a host key is generated and used to replace the existing one.
XSCF> setssh -c genhostkey
Host key already exits. The key will be updated. Continue? [y|n] : y