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8.7.2 Domain Information (ldom_info) Resources

8.7.2 Domain Information (ldom_info) Resources
The shutdown-group property has been added to the option properties in the ldom_info resources.
    <Content xsi:type="ovf:VirtualSystem_Type" id="primary">
      <Section xsi:type="ovf:ResourceAllocationSection_type">
          <gprop:GenericProperty key="shutdown-group">0</gprop:GenericProperty>
The <Content> section always contains the ldom_info resources. Use the tag with the following key in the ldom_info resources.
- shutdown-group
This property indicates the shutdown priority used during an ordered shutdown. Shutdown requests are issued to the domains in descending order from shutdown group 15 to 0. The control domain is always shutdown group 0. The effective values for the shutdown groups of other domains are 1 to 15. 
For details on other properties of the ldom_info resources, see the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Administration Guide of the version used.