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3.5.5 XSCF User Account Registration Flow

3.5.5 XSCF User Account Registration Flow
The default user account that was set at factory shipment is named "default." To employ any other user account for system operation, register it with the XSCF.
The user account "default" has the following privileges:
  1. "default" privileges: useradm and platadm
Upon logging in with this default account during initial installation, register at least one user account that has the useradm or platadm user privilege. For details on login authentication with the default user account, see "Logging In to the XSCF" in the Installation Guide for your server.
Registration Flow
To manage the XSCF user account through a directory service on a network using the LDAP, Active Directory, or LDAP over SSL service, see "3.5.12 Managing XSCF User Accounts Using LDAP," "3.5.13 Managing XSCF User Accounts Using Active Directory," or "3.5.14 Managing XSCF User Accounts Using LDAP over SSL."

The system administrator registers a user account in the following steps. For details, see the respective sections indicated.
  1. Log in to the XSCF with a user account that has the useradm privilege (see Section 3.5.6).
    The default user account "default" has the useradm privilege.
  2. Check the registered users (see showuser(8) in Section 3.5.6).
    When adding a user account, execute the showuser command with the -l option specified, and confirm the user account list does not show an invalid user account.
  3. Check/Change the password policy (see showpasswordpolicy(8) or setpasswordpolicy(8) in Section 3.5.7).
  4. Register the XSCF user account (see adduser(8) in Section 3.5.8).
    Using the adduser command, register the user account as appropriate to the user environment.
  5. Set a password (see password(8) in Section 3.5.8).
  6. Register a user privilege (see setprivileges(8) in Section 3.5.9).
For details of each command, see its man page or the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 XSCF Reference Manual.