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8.12 Setting the Logical Domain Time

8.12 Setting the Logical Domain Time
This section describes the necessary knowledge and setting guidelines for setting the logical domain time.
The SPARC M12/M10 systems manage the following times.
  1. Time kept on the XSCF
    The XSCF manages the standard system time. Managed by the master XSCF, the same time is set on all the XSCFs. They keep the time even when the input power is off.
  2. Time kept on a physical partition
    Hypervisor manages the time for each physical partition.
  3. Time kept on a logical domain
    The time is managed for each logical domain. A different time can be kept for each logical domain.
For details on the relationship between the XSCF and logical domain time, see "3.6 Setting the XSCF Time/Date."