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1.2.1 XSCF Overview

1.2.1 XSCF Overview
The XSCF firmware is the standard built-in system control facility in the SPARC M12/M10. The XSCF firmware runs on a dedicated processor (service processor) independently of the server processors. The chassis of each SPARC M12/M10 system contains one complete package of the XSCF firmware for communicating with logical domains and managing the whole system. When multiple servers are combined using the building block (BB) system, the server is interconnected with other servers by means of crossbar boxes (XBBOX). In each of these crossbar boxes, there is a service processor that runs the XSCF firmware.
The XSCF firmware runs and constantly monitors the proper operation of the server as long as input power is supplied to the server, even if a logical domain is not running or the power of the physical partition is off. It also changes the server configuration and powers on/off the server, as required.
Moreover, the XSCF firmware includes a user interface to provide functions to monitor, manage, and control the system.
In this manual, the XSCF firmware may be referred to as the XSCF. The board containing the mounted service processor for running the XSCF firmware may be referred to as the XSCF unit.