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2.4 Logging In to XSCF Web

2.4 Logging In to XSCF Web
This section describes how to log in to the XSCF with XSCF Web.

Depending on the Web browser settings on the PC connected to the XSCF-LAN, you can use XSCF Web. XSCF Web cannot be connected from the serial port.

Access through the XSCF-LAN also makes available the e-mail notification function, the SNMP function, the remote maintenance service function, time synchronization by an external NTP server, and user authentication with the LDAP server, Active Directory server, or LDAP over SSL server.

XSCF Web is connected to a server connected with the user network via the HTTPS and SSL/TLS protocols. It displays the server status, exercises control to operate devices, and supports Web-based browsing of configuration information.

When a registered user connects to XSCF Web in a Web browser from a PC and logs in to the XSCF, the browser displays the available tree index and pages. For details of XSCF Web page information, see "Appendix C List of the XSCF Web Pages."