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10.3.2 SNMP-related Terms

10.3.2 SNMP-related Terms
Table 10-4 lists SNMP-related terms.
Table 10-4  SNMP-related Terms
Term Description
USM Abbreviation for User-based Security Model. This security model is based on the users defined in SNMPv3.
VACM Abbreviation for View-based Access Control Model. This access control model is based on the views defined in SNMPv3.
Group Aggregation of users belonging to the VACM model. A group is defined with the access privileges of all the users belonging to the group.
OID Abbreviation for Object Identifier. An OID is an object identification number. Regarding objects in a MIB definition file, the numeric address of the MIB is denoted by the concatenation of integers with dots.
(MIB view)
A view is a method of referencing a MIB definition file. The view is a subtree of the MIB defined with an OID and OID mask. A MIB access control view can be assigned to a group.