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14.1.2 Configuring Memory Mirroring

14.1.2 Configuring Memory Mirroring
Use the setupfru command of the XSCF firmware to configure the mirroring of memory mounted in the SPARC M12/M10.
Execute the command with a user account that has the platadm or fieldeng privilege.
Note - To configure memory mirroring, the physical partition to which the PSB belongs must be powered off.
Memory Mirroring Configuration
  1. SPARC M12
    To configure memory mirroring in the SPARC M12, specify -c mirror=yes.
XSCF> setupfru [[-q] -{y|n}] -c function=mode device location
  1. SPARC M10
    To configure memory mirroring in the SPARC M10, specify -m y. The -c mirror option cannot be used.
XSCF> setupfru [-m {y|n}] device location
Operation Procedure
  1. Execute the setupfru command to configure memory mirroring.
    The following example shows all the CPUs mounted in physical system board (PSB) 00-0 being set to memory mirror mode in the SPARC M12.
XSCF> setupfru -c mirror=yes sb 00-0
- Logical domain config_name will be set to "factory-default".

Memory mirror mode setting will be changed, Continue? [y|n] :y
Note - For the SPARC M10, specify the following.
XSCF> setupfru -m y sb 00-0
  1. The following example shows that the CPU of CPU chip #1 in PSB 02-0 is set to memory mirror mode.
XSCF> setupfru -m y cpu 02-0-1