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5.2 CPU Activation Key

5.2 CPU Activation Key
A CPU Activation key can be obtained with the purchase of a CPU Activation. The key is provided on CD-ROM media. Each CPU Activation key includes a character string representing encrypted CPU Activation information.
The CD-ROM contains the following:
/readme_ja.txt : Readme file in Japanese
/readme_en.txt : Readme file in English
/Activation_key/ : Directory containing activation files
/Activation_key/$KEY_FILES (multiple files)
  : Each file contains one set of CPU Activation.
  : A single file contains information on all CPU Activation keys from every $KEY_FILES.
  : Hardware activation certificate
$KEY_FILES and $CONSOLIDATED_KEY_FILES are plaintext files with file names in the following format:
$KEY_FILES : AK11111_01_001.txt
  : AK11111_01.txt
The following example shows the contents of activation files on one set of CPU Activation keys (2 cores) in the SPARC M10.
Product: SPARC M10-1
SequenceNumber: 1234567890123456
Cpu: noExpiration 2
Information on each CPU Activation key consists of multiple lines. Each line has an item name and its value is concatenated with ":" as a delimiter. An example is shown below. In this example, the item name is "Cpu", and its value is "noExpiration 2". Note that one key contains two CPU Activations.
Cpu: noExpiration 2
Table 5-2  CPU Activation Key Items and Possible Values
Item Value
Product SPARC M12-2, SPARC M12-2S, SPARC M10-1, SPARC M10-4, or SPARC M10-4S
SequenceNumber Numeric value consisting of 1 to 16 digits
Cpu CPU capacity (unit: core)
noExpiration + numeric value consisting of up to 4 digits
Text-Signature-xxxxxx-xxxxxx Signature
CPU Activation key data is stored on the XSCF. The key information is also automatically backed up to the PSU backplane unit (PSUBP). If the XSCF fails and is replaced, the key information is restored on the new replacement XSCF from the PSUBP.