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5.7.2 Restoring CPU Activation Keys

5.7.2 Restoring CPU Activation Keys
To restore backed-up CPU Activation keys to your system, use the restorecodactivation command on the XSCF shell.
You need to have a user account that has the platadm, platop, or fieldeng privilege to execute this command.
Specify the URL of the location of the CPU Activation keys stored by the dumpcodactivation command. To specify USB media, connect it to a USB port on the XSCF unit panel (rear panel) of the master XSCF.
The following command syntax shows how to specify USB media.
XSCF> restorecodactivation file:///media/usb_msd/filename
Before executing this command, you need to power off all the physical partitions.
The command restores all the CPU Activation keys stored at the URL.