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10.4.2 Controlling Monitoring and Server Operation

10.4.2 Controlling Monitoring and Server Operation
While the system is running or under maintenance, you may want to suppress some functions for individual physical partitions or logical domains. For example, suppose that your preferences for system maintenance include no automatic boot (auto boot suppression enabled) and no receiving of Break signals from the console (Break signal suppression enabled).

In these systems, the operation mode specified for each physical partition include the monitoring method and diagnostic level. This provides control over the operation of the logical domains and physical partition.

You can set the following for each specified physical partition by using the setpparmode command: initial diagnostic level of hardware, message level, Alive check function, reaction when Host watchdog times out, enabling/disabling break signal transmission suppression, enabling/disabling auto boot of guest domains, enabling/disabling the power saving function, and enabling/disabling the IO bus reconfiguration function.
You can also enable/disable auto boot for the control domain for each specified physical partition by using the setpparparam command.

For details of server operation control with the setpparmode command, see "Chapter 3 Operations for Domain Configuration" in the Fujitsu SPARC M12 and Fujitsu M10/SPARC M10 Domain Configuration Guide.
Note - For details of the setpparmode command and support information on each function of this command, see the latest Product Notes for your server.